The Community is your one stop group fitness shop offering specialized classes in four different mediums. Its four main classes are:

Cycle (indoor spin)
Calm (yoga)
Camp (boot camp)
Crush (boxing)

Classes are designed to be accessible, inclusive, multi-functional, 45 minute workouts. Classes are hosted in an intimate, approachable environment featuring expert instruction.


At its heart, the Community believes in vitality. We want you to leave with the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders, but more over we are there to help you live the best possible life you can.  At the Community, it’s all about the small wins today for a stronger tomorrow. 


Unlike most gyms and fitness facilities that promote results based workouts, we believe fitness is an ongoing lifestyle and results come when regular habits are maintained. This is not a three week in-and-out program that is uncomfortable and not fun. We aim to deliver classes that engage you. You will leave feeling better and notice that not only do you look stronger but they feel stronger. So, we like to think we're the un-gym. 

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The Community Manifesto


We called it the Community for a reason. We get to know your name. We cheer you on. Welcome to the team.


Take the leap of faith and stick with it. In a world where most things feel fleeting and temporary, committing to yourself is the greatest thing you can do. We’re in it for the long haul – let this be your training ground for the best investment you can make.


Be kind to yourself and others. Good workouts come and go, and bad workouts come and go. It’s part of the process.


Instead of focusing on what’s missing, focus on what’s to come.


Find the present moment. Really truly connecting means disconnecting with all the distractions of the day-to-day grind. Find reprieve from the screen.

Come as you are

There is no perfect time to start. We keep it real, and we keep it judgment free. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.