New to the Community? 

Here are some tips if it’s your first time.


What to expect when you take your first class?

Fear not, we are here for you – as soon as you walk through our doors, we got you covered. Whether you are taking a cycle, camp, crush or calm class, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

We have two deals for first timers:

  1. Buy one class get two free

  2. Two weeks unlimited



When heading to the studio by car we recommend giving yourself a little extra time for parking (check out where to park here).

We recommend signing the required waiver through the Mindbody app before heading to class to save you some time.

Arrive to your class early.
20 minutes prior to your scheduled class time is recommended to sign in and receive a full orientation of our space if it is your first-time visit.

What to wear?

  • Workout in what feels comfortable!

  • Indoor shoes are required for Camp and Crush classes.

  • Boxing gloves and spin shoe rentals are free.

Stay hydrated!

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle which can be refilled in our water station in the vault. But if you forget, we also sell reusable water bottles.

Both workout rooms are dimly lit, our instructors will walk you through bike setup and the basics outside of the room prior to class.

If you are sensitive to flashing lights please let our instructors know as there will be changing lights within both rooms.

Lockers are available on site that do not require your own locks.


Hand wraps (traditional or quick) are required for all Crush classes which go on your hands underneath your gloves. We do not rent hand wraps for sanitary purposes.

Traditional wraps and quick wraps are available for purchase and can be used and re-washed.

Traditional Wraps: useful for creating a tighter handfit inside a boxing glove. It’s also designed for injury prevention in the wrist, knuckles and fingers.

Quick Wraps: eliminates the need for hand wrapping and simply slips onto your hands. If you’re not comfortable with hand wrapping or find it time consuming, a quick wrap is an ideal alternative.

If you decide to use traditional wraps, our instructors are available to provide a tutorial on how to properly wrap your hands prior to class.




Be kind to yourself. All good things take time. Do what feels right for you in your workout and know that with time you will improve. Whether that’s catching the beat in Cycle, landing a combo in Crush, finding your strength in Camp or finally unwinding in Calm, trust the process. Know that you have an entire team cheering you on.


Now let’s do this thing!