Looking for a no bullshit spin class? Hey, we got you. You can expect a full body, 45 minute indoor spin class that will push you. We believe you can have your cake and eat it too, and by cake we mean face-melting cardio that you can handle. Connect with the beat and the people around you. The lights will be low, and the music will be loud. Our coaches will motivate you in a group environment that will make you work like you never thought possible.


Be a lover and a fighter. Crush is a comprehensive all-in-one boxing workout that will get your heart beating and your body moving. This 45-minute group class incorporates heavy bag work, boxing basics, shadow boxing, and dynamic movements. Grab your own bag, this class is created for all abilities. Whether you’re punch drunk or Mike Tyson.


No more boring gym workouts. Ever. This 45-minute group bootcamp class involves full body conditioning that incorporates dynamic movements that is geared toward strengthening your body and your mind. Hate the gym? Never set foot in one? We take the guess work out of your workout. All levels welcome, you do not need experience to set foot in this class.


Bend and don’t break. All levels welcome to this yoga class. We believe yoga is for all, and that a healthy part of movement has its foundation in the breath. Each class has a diverse, yet approachable combination of poses designed by our coaches.